Oh So Social

Social Media is a tricky beast. I follow some amazingly inspirational people out there, from all walks of life; Runners, Foodies, Fashion bloggers, and I largely follow them with pure admiration, respect and joy.

Then there are the times when I wish I was faster, fitter, richer, bolder, and oh yeah a better photographer. We can’t help to compare ourselves in these instances when we’re feeling a little low or rejected, and look on at the amazing achievements in other people’s lives.

The most upsetting thing about social media to me has to be the negativity that’s out there; people fat shaming, skinny shaming and well just shaming on all levels. One of the biggest things I champion is that there is never a need to pass judgment on others, we all judge ourselves enough to mean that nobody else ever needs to.

It’s so important to know and keep hold of the fact that social media is a snapshot in to someone’s world and that for every polished snap there are also the days that didn’t make the cut. We all have really great days, and we all have really bad days.

My personal favourite social media tool has to be Instagram, I Love it! It keeps me motivated, gives me recipe ideas, beauty tips and so much more. My pictures on insta however are not the most polished and are largely just quick snaps of my sweaty face running around town pretty slowly.

The thing is though I’m happy that that’s my contribution, it feels right to me, because it’s the truth in my life. When I’m not working I’m generally sweating out some slow miles, and if I’m not doing that then I’m chilling out with my husband and cats! And hey who knows there might just be some slow sweaty, poor photo taking, cat loving runners out there that need to see those shots to know they are doing great.

Social media gives us so much.

Engage with it in a really positive way.

Remember that what you see is the best bits, and of those best bits it’s the best shot.

Respect each other, we all have really bad days sometimes.

Let’s build each other up out there.

And lastly…

If you try to be something you’re not you’ll end up being nothing.

Don’t let the world, social media, trends or fads dictate who you are.

Follow me if you’re into all this, and if you’re not then that’s totally cool too… You see I won’t be counting anything but my miles.


1 Comments on “Oh So Social”

  1. Nice, positive thoughts, couldn’t agree more! Keep it positive, as best we can anyway, and if it’s a bad day try to find the funny bits. That’s what I do anyway, they’re usually hiding in there somewhere. 🙂

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