The Perfect Pause

Last week I had an embarrassing comedy fall, whilst trying to hop a fence. I landed of course knee on concrete… This literally forced me to stop and slow down just in time for our 1st wedding anniversary. The universe once again handing out the gifts I need in the quirkiest ways it can, Thanks for that!

Rested up on the sofa with an iced knee (which looked like I was trying to smuggle golf balls), we got to relax and reminisce. It is crazy to me how quickly that time has gone and how in what seems like a blink of an eye so much and so little has changed.

Our story has always been slow, relaxed and laid back. We’ve known each other for the best part of a decade and our relationship was built out of friendship and laughter. So it seemed fitting that this weekend was spent at that same pace. We started a tradition in which we’ll go back to our wedding venue, a year on to the day, then 2 years and so on. I hobbled around making new memories in the place we made our best and biggest.

Unable to run or move or push forward at my normal ‘can’t sit sill’ pace. I stopped and stood and looked back. Remembering where we’ve come from, where we are and how truly amazing that is.

it’s easy to think about all the negativity and badness that is going on in our worlds. I for one know I let it drag me down and have too much control in my life. So standing on the top of a castle breathing in fresh air, I was a little surprised to have the revelation that I’ve never been happier than I am right now. This was the perfect pause that I needed to actually realise that.

Check out some of my fav snaps from our day courtesy of Navy Blur –

If you want to capture your wedding in a truly unique, beautiful, relaxed way then go check these guys out they are awesome.



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