50 Reasons I Run

I started running for one reason or another and since then my journey, goals, time and distance have evolved and continue to do so.

Today I’m reflecting on that journey here are 50 reasons I lace up and get out there!

I run because…

1. It gives me quiet time to myself.

2. It gives me complete freedom and control all at the same time.

3. It is a great way to de-stress

4. I get to eat all the pizzas.

5. It keeps me sane, and grounded.

6. It helps me sleep.

7. It makes me feel more confident

8. It’s my main form of cardio.

9. I love how I feel when I get out there.

10. I hate how I feel when I don’t.

11. It gives me a sense of achievement, no matter how far or fast I go.

12. It can be cheap, easy and accessible.

13. It makes me strong

14. It gives me the stamina I need to get through any crazy day, night or gym class.

15. Post-run showers.

16. Being proud of my body.

17. Being kind to my heart.

18. It sets a healthy example for my family, friends, cat?

19. I can explore the world around me in an utterly unique way

20. It helps me work through problems.

21. It gives me a healthy relationship with food.

22. I want to keep proving I can do more, be more.

23. I want to live a long, happy, healthy life.

24. I eat a lot of pizza.

25. I like making running buddies.

26. I like being outside

27. I can do it anywhere.

28. I can do it anytime, if all I’ve got is 20 minutes no problem, its sprint time!

29. It relaxes me.

30. It fires me up.

31. I love fresh air.

32. I can blow off steam when I’m mad.

33. It cheers me up when I’m sad.

34. I want to own all the sports wear

35. I love buying sportswear!

36. And accessories…

37. It can be so easy.

38. It can be so challenging.

39. I want to make it through this marathon.

40. The thrill of race days.

41. The comfort of rest days.

42. It lets me switch my brain off.

43. I can listen to all the worst/best music.

44. I can finally finish the Game of Thrones audiobook.

45. It’s a good excuse to procrastinate.

46. I also eat all the Cheese. And Ice cream. And chocolate. And drink wine. And beer.

47. I want to surprise myself.

48. It makes me happy.

49. It’s fun.

50. I can.

Ps. I hit 10 miles last night!


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