Marathon Diaries – 3 

After a bit of a running blip I’ve managed to increase my miles back to my norm, but nowhere near as much as what I’ll need to do come official marathon training.

I’m currently pushing out 3 or 4 10ks a week. Totalling somewhere between 18 and 24 miles. But there Are also a few weeks where I have only managed 12-15 miles. I know I’m going to need to push this to 30 miles a week at least in the coming months and that’s a little terrifying.

I’m finding my motivation lift which is great, but I have a couple of ways to help kickstart this if I don’t feel it happening organically!

1. Following Fancy folk! I follow some pretty inspirational runners out there on social media and that helps when I’m feeling lethargic. If I can fill my feed with people being active it makes me feel a little guilty/jealousif I’m not joining in!

If you’re in need of some names check out Runselfierepeat, mileposts, and veggierunners to name a few! Yes they are all women, but I’m a woman so it’s a little easier to relate!

2. New kit! I’ve also invested in a running watch, this new bit of kit has been a big push to get me out the door. It’s actually been really useful and pushed me into the 9 minute mile category which i haven’t managed in a while!! Looking back at heart rate and time splits shows me where I can push harder and when I need to keep more of a steady pace!

All in all with about 12 weeks to go before I kick off my official training plan, I feel I’m giving myself the best possible chance I can!


2 Comments on “Marathon Diaries – 3 ”

  1. You’re on your way! Just keep putting in those miles, the time, speed and pace will all come. Don’t get paralysis of analysis. We runners tend to be a little OCD at times with all the data. You just need to run. Good luck!

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