Beat the Tide – A Tale of Two Halves

This week saw 500ish people take to the foreshore of Worthing seafront to run a 10k race against Mother Nature. I’ve had a lifelong love affair with the coast and the water in general; it’s beautiful, calming, unruly, and free! A race alongside my favourite element did not disappoint, I had an absolute blast.

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Worthing Half Marathon

I’ve been running for a while now but racing is still something pretty new to me. I’ve always done short 5 and 10ks for fun, but never really pushed for more than that. The marathon training has started a love affair with races in me, and this past weekend I got to indulge once again, […]

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Windy Weekend Paddle

So for my sister’s 30th birthday I hooked us up with some Paddle Board lessons at our local water sports centre, Baker Academy. We’d never attempted anything like it before. I have a kayak at home (used twice last year, *hangs head in shame*)! But that’s about as close as I get to water sports, […]

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