Hello 17

I’m always a little wary about writing down what I want to achieve. Some people swear by it as a way to stick to your goals and put it all out there, but then I also worry that maybe it becomes an anchor to which you judge yourself on. If somehow you don’t succeed, I […]

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Marathon Diaries – A4

When everything goes right you have to stop and soak it up, inhale it hard and don’t diminish your moment! Training hard, watching the clock and the scales can be such a results driven game. It’s easy to forget the feeling, the love, the passion for what you’re doing, for what I’m doing.

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Marathon Diaries – A2

This week I had coffee with my dad and had an impromptu chat about my depression. We chatted about what I felt changed me from the most whimsical carefree child to an adult with the struggles I’ve had. I’ve always been fairly adamant that for me it was never one thing or one moment, and […]

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