Worthing Half Marathon

It feels like forever since I’ve raced, in reality it’d only been about 50 odd days, but I’d been missing it. It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling with lack of progress, or that’s been my perception anyway. I’ve been focussing on speed to try and get myself close to where I want to be, […]

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Worthing 10K & Race Day Disappointment 

On the weekend it was my first official race since the marathon. A nice and easy, flat local route; short distance, full of friends, PB in the bag, what could go wrong? Turns out quite a lot. Before I get in to me, let’s talk about the race. It was sold out way sooner than […]

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Brighton Half Marathon

On Sunday the 28th Feb, Brighton woke early to welcome over 8,000 runners! That seems crazy to me, all of us getting up at the crack of dawn to run around this seaside city. It was the 26th Year of the event, but my first time taking part.

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