5 Things

I’ve been struggling with what to write over the past week as life everywhere seems super crazy; locally, nationally, internationally.  The scale of chaos and hurt being felt by so many is unreal to anything I have ever witnessed. I couldn’t begin to imagine what the solution is, or how we go about turning hate into […]

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The Gift 

Once upon a time someone said to me if you’re trying to be a nice person, then you’re not a nice person. Being nice means you don’t have to try. I get the idea but I really didn’t and still don’t agree. This comment actually really hurt my feelings at the time. I like to […]

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Kinds of Kind

As an average human I consider myself to be fairly thoughtful and kind. As an average human I also know I have the neurotic tendency to look in and get a little stuck on me and my issues. I flitter between all the generalised habits of the average human and remain rather normal in an […]

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