Marathon Diaries – 4


Before I took the decision to run the Brighton marathon my weekly mileage was sitting pretty, somewhere below 15 miles a week. I’d go to some gym classes and run a few 3-6 milers.

Signing up for Brighton made me go a little bit mad… I’ve got the best part of 7 months to train and for whatever reason I went in to panic mode; Increasing my mileage quickly not intelligently.

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50 Reasons I Run

I started running for one reason or another and since then my journey, goals, time and distance have evolved and continue to do so.

Today I’m reflecting on that journey here are 50 reasons I lace up and get out there!

I run because…

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Marathon Diaries – 3 

After a bit of a running blip I’ve managed to increase my miles back to my norm, but nowhere near as much as what I’ll need to do come official marathon training.

I’m currently pushing out 3 or 4 10ks a week. Totalling somewhere between 18 and 24 miles. But there Are also a few weeks where I have only managed 12-15 miles. I know I’m going to need to push this to 30 miles a week at least in the coming months and that’s a little terrifying.

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Marathon Diaries – 2


It’s been a bit slow since our last check in. I came down with the flu which wiped me out for a few days. On My first day back to the real world my little cat got hit by a car, and it’s been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ever since.

I’ve become sluggish and lethargic and unable to find the energy, time, or desire to get out. So last night I took my first baby steps and ran up to the vet hospital to visit our little dude. It was only just over 2 miles round trip but it was the push that I needed.

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The Finish Line


As my world is consumed with thoughts of the BIG finishing line yet to come, I’m taking a moment to look back at a couple of my recent finishes.

Races can be so fun! I don’t really like to look at them as races though, as quite frankly I don’t have a competitive streak; I look at them as experiences. And I’m really enjoying the experiences and advancements in my running at the moment.

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Windy Weekend Paddle

So for my sister’s 30th birthday I hooked us up with some Paddle Board lessons at our local water sports centre, Baker Academy.


We’d never attempted anything like it before. I have a kayak at home (used twice last year, *hangs head in shame*)! But that’s about as close as I get to water sports, oh and swimming, does that count?

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Marathon Diaries – 1


So it is Official – I’ve put it out there on social media, told my family, friends and well whoever asks the question, “Hey, What’s new with you?”

I am running the Brighton Marathon on 17th April 2016.

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Kinds of Kind

As an average human I consider myself to be fairly thoughtful and kind. As an average human I also know I have the neurotic tendency to look in and get a little stuck on me and my issues. I flitter between all the generalised habits of the average human and remain rather normal in an extremely comfortable way.

I see this picture all over the internet, from happiness ambassadors to lifestyle bloggers the message is clear. If we are going to be a little bit more extraordinary, we need to step out…


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Beggar Belief

On any given day there are thousands of thoughts (more like a million in my head) circulating round our brain. Positive, negative, indifferent, and they are all holding power over us in one way or another. One thing we constantly overlook though is that we have a greater more amazing power within us, the power to choose. We can choose what is the truth we want to believe and bring into our lives and what quite frankly is mind waffle that is there purely as noise, noise we don’t need.

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