Marathon Diaries -6 

We’ve been working in physio on keeping my legs strong whilst I’d been unable to use them. This has been in the form of calf raises, hip squats, and generally engaging my muscles through a variety of exercises. It seems to have worked as this week I’ve been back to full (nearly) fitness.

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November Project

I love a new month that starts at the beginning of a week (well almost)! It feels like it allows a natural break in time.

It breaks up the fact that days, months and years tend to bleed together into some kind of blur, but seriously how is it November.

It’s really important, as time flies by like this, to make sure we are engaging consciously with that time and not just going through the motions (Wake up, Eat, Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat)…

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28 Things I Learned by 28

As kids we spend time wishing away our years, dreaming of being a teen, then a sweet 16, 18 and finally a real adult at 21.

We’re told how time flies and we don’t really believe it as we wait for the next milestone. But as the years fly by and I near 30 I want to hit the pause button more and more.

Today as I gracefully welcome 28 in to my life and pray that it doesn’t flash past in an instant. I thought I’d share with you what I’ve worked out thus far.

I’m no wise oracle or life coach, but I’ve learned a few things in my own journey that may be of interest to you and yours…

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Viva España

If I’m being honest Spain is one of the places that has interested me the least in a way. It conjures up visions of lads, lasses, 18-30’s, drinking, and club culture (not that there is anything wrong with that, if that’s your cup of tea). Stereotyping a whole country based on a few small places is not one of my proudest moments I admit!

Last week we hopped on a plane and took a few days exploring in Andalucía, which although has its fair share of tourist heavy resorts, held many more surprises inland.

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My Marathon Diaries – 5

This is basically me last week, comedy fall at its best.

Well for me at its worst because I smashed my knee cap in to the concrete with my whole body weight behind it. Ouch!

I felt stupid, really really stupid. I was late and flustered and not paying attention and did I mention stupid.

My knee was pretty bloody and swollen. Resembling someone trying to smuggle golf balls.

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Food for Thought 

Simply put, food fuels the human body. We need it to grow and perform, but sometimes we just really enjoy it! Food can be healing or harmful, and everyone plus their Aunt Sally would like to tell you how/what/when you should be eating it.

I love food, combining my love of food and travel equates to my favourite past time – eating out abroad! I love new flavours, trying new things, being in new places and basically soaking up cafe culture around the world. You can learn so much about a place by sitting somewhere and watching the world go by, but I digress!

What I’m talking about here is do I really have to think about everything I consume that much, and is that really healthy eating? What does a healthy relationship to food really look like? Side note, I am not a nutritionist; this is just my thoughts on the ever growing world of food and clean eating.

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The Perfect Pause

Last week I had an embarrassing comedy fall, whilst trying to hop a fence. I landed of course knee on concrete… This literally forced me to stop and slow down just in time for our 1st wedding anniversary. The universe once again handing out the gifts I need in the quirkiest ways it can, Thanks for that!

Rested up on the sofa with an iced knee (which looked like I was trying to smuggle golf balls), we got to relax and reminisce. It is crazy to me how quickly that time has gone and how in what seems like a blink of an eye so much and so little has changed.

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Oh So Social

Social Media is a tricky beast. I follow some amazingly inspirational people out there, from all walks of life; Runners, Foodies, Fashion bloggers, and I largely follow them with pure admiration, respect and joy.

Then there are the times when I wish I was faster, fitter, richer, bolder, and oh yeah a better photographer. We can’t help to compare ourselves in these instances when we’re feeling a little low or rejected, and look on at the amazing achievements in other people’s lives.

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Marathon Diaries – 4


Before I took the decision to run the Brighton marathon my weekly mileage was sitting pretty, somewhere below 15 miles a week. I’d go to some gym classes and run a few 3-6 milers.

Signing up for Brighton made me go a little bit mad… I’ve got the best part of 7 months to train and for whatever reason I went in to panic mode; Increasing my mileage quickly not intelligently.

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50 Reasons I Run

I started running for one reason or another and since then my journey, goals, time and distance have evolved and continue to do so.

Today I’m reflecting on that journey here are 50 reasons I lace up and get out there!

I run because…

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