Marathon Diaries – 8

This week has been a bit of a mess, a beautiful mess, but a mess all the same. I’ve been a bit all over the place and lost my normal ‘organised chaos’ cool. I’ve really just been trying to make it to now (sunday) without screwing anything up (too badly). I’ve also been taking part in Trigger Points ROLLITFORWARD campaign; which aims to get us all using our foam rollers every day. They cleverly enticed me with the chance to win cool stuff for completing the full 7 days.

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Denbies 10 Mile

So today I took part in my first ever 10 mile race, The Denbies 10. The event was put on by events to live, and was sold as “a  lovely scenic trail run exploring the North Downs Way and Ranmore Common with stunning views of Box Hill, Ranmore and the North Downs.”

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Personal Training


Personal Training is a luxury for sure, and for the last few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to indulge myself. This is all thanks to my birthday, Christmas, and a little overtime at work.

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Icelandic Adventure


At the beginning of December we took the trip of a lifetime, a trip that had been on our cards for a long time. This place has been on my bucket list since I don’t know when. My husband’s 30th birthday seemed liked the perfect time to cross it off! 6 of us boarded a plane from Gatwick headed to the capital Reykjavik for 4 days of exploring and celebrations.

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Marathon Diaries – 7


Probably the biggest question I get asked at the moment is how I keep up my motivation to get outside in the rain, wind, cold, misery and well the traditional English weather we all love put up with.

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A New Year 

And as if I blinked for slightly too long, 2015 is over. A new day begins with a new year, new ideas, dreams and unknowns.

This time of year brings resolutions and promises of change. Old habits to be overwritten with new better ones. Instead of making sweeping declarations this year, I’ve opted for a new trend.

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Beating the Winter Blues


This is a seriously hectic time of year; it doesn’t really matter which way I try to slice the time, someone or something ends up missing out. It’s more than that though I end up feeling like I don’t give any of the things I need to do enough time. I sit here writing this with a pile of unwrapped presents staring me down! Pressure building!

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The Gift 

Once upon a time someone said to me if you’re trying to be a nice person, then you’re not a nice person. Being nice means you don’t have to try. I get the idea but I really didn’t and still don’t agree. This comment actually really hurt my feelings at the time. I like to think I’m nice inherently, but like everything I try my best at it, and I want to be nice.

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So You Think You Can Run?..


Running; we all learn how to do it as kids’ right? It’s not that tricky once you’ve mastered the whole standing on 2 feet thing.

That’s what I thought and probably what we all think, turns out we’re wrong and that training errors actually account for over 60% of all running injuries, and technique equates to a pretty big chunk of this!

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Why Mind?


I spent Saturday at a marathon training day put on by mind. It was a great day and opportunity to speak with like minded people, work on our techniques/training prep and kick off our fundraising. With talks by professionals and those who had suffered with mental health issues it was inspirational and informative.

So why mind for me, and why do this all now? The first of these is an easy question to answer and the second I still ask myself weekly, daily and sometimes hourly.

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