The Functioning Depressive

FullSizeRenderI have this dream that one day I’ll live in a cabin in the woods with a wraparound porch, where I’d sit sipping whisky and smoking a cigar in my dressing gown. This is my desire to actually turn into an all American granddad, an odd one I admit for a 20-something British lass.

I’ve been picturing it more and more lately, swimming in lakes, running up mountains shutting myself off from the world and all of its interferences. It’s been no secret that I’ve had a tough few months managing situations and my wellbeing. This dream is the introvert in me screaming for quiet when all I’ve felt is noise.

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Marathon Diaries – A1

Well the first full week of marathon training is done! It felt a little strange to kick things off again. When I decided to run my first marathon I had a really slow build up. I knew I was running it about 4 months before my training had to start. I kept fit and active and felt pretty strong before training kicked off. This time round I feel like I’ve done the opposite; whether it be injury or tiredness or just the short 2ish months between completing one and starting on the road to another, I’ve just felt a little underprepared.
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When life gives you lemons

This past week has been a little crazy. It’s tested my patience, my belief system, my relationships, my career, my view of the world and worst of all my character.

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Marathon Diaries – Amsterdam 

I can’t quite believe it’s been two months since I crossed the finish line at Brighton and today sees the start of marathon training for Amsterdam. In the two months since Brighton I’ve been running, and doing a few classes, but I’ve also been injured. In the last 2 weeks I’ve mustered up a measly 15 miles due to that pesky ITB. If I’m honest I’m feeling a little under prepared to kick things off again.
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Worthing 10K & Race Day Disappointment 

On the weekend it was my first official race since the marathon. A nice and easy, flat local route; short distance, full of friends, PB in the bag, what could go wrong? Turns out quite a lot.

Before I get in to me, let’s talk about the race. It was sold out way sooner than expected, and it felt very busy at the start and finish lines. I’ve been used to this at some busy half’s I’ve done, but that distance is a little more forgiving if your forced to go out slow.

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With May seeing Women’s Health UK launch their #inshapemyshape campaign, it seemed only natural to talk about imperfections. With the campaign set to tackle body shaming, I felt for me it extended much further than this. For me being in shape is physical, mental, financial and maybe even spiritual. It’s about tackling the negative self-talk we allow in to all areas of our lives.

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Brooks Pure Cadence 5 Review

Well well well, this is my first ever review and I’m pretty excited about it. I first came across the brooks pure cadence shoe when I notched up my mileage and wanted something with a little more support than my barefoot running shoes.

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Why Now? 

I’ll start on Monday, or the 1st of the month! Next week I’ll make a plan, next month I’ll kick it off, just after this project, or date, or time, or kid!
Sound familiar? It does for me! There is always a better time than right now, right?

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The Slump

So I ran a marathon, it went pretty well, I loved the experience, and I loved the achievement. It was probably the proudest day of my life. After spending months training and obsessing, I crossed the line on a massive high and then slumped down with a beer and a smile that I was sure would stay with me forever.

I was wrong, it shifted, and this time I slumped for real.

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Things I wish I knew before signing up to 26.2

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and after all the ‘totes emosh’ Marathon posting I’ve been doing, I decided to lighten the mood. For all of those people out there thinking should I or shouldn’t I? Here are some things you should really know before signing up for a marathon.

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