Steyning Stinger Marathon 2/12

You remember that time (about 4 weeks ago) when I said that Dark Star was going to be my hardest Marathon of the year, well I massively lied!

Yesterday I woke up at 5:45 and tried to get dressed in the dark and make minimal noise to not wake anyone up (mainly the dog). I shoved a bagel in my mouth, poured a hot cup of coffee to go and jumped in the car! Having a 10am race start last weekend made this 8am kick off feel tough!

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A year and two halfs

This time last year I was well underway with marathon training for marathon number 1. it’s crazy to think i’m now sat here obsessing over number 5. I’d signed up for two half marathons as part of that initial Brighton Marathon training plan and low and behold I was doing it again this year; in some ways feeling completely different and in others completely the same.

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Dark Star Marathon 1/12

“Well that WAS all going so well” words I uttered to myself and fellow runners far too frequently on Sunday. It was of course Marathon Number 1 of 2017, Dark Star. I’d heard the ‘horror’ stories, of the mud and the toughness, but I’d signed up anyway because I really want that shiny medal collection, HA!

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So it’s official #clareruns12in12 is a go, it’s happening and that means announcing it right? Yep that’s 12 months of the year, 12 marathons to complete.

Why am I doing it?
The challenge, the love, and the continued push spring to mind. You’ve all heard about my new year’s resolution and this really started there, by just saying yes. There is also a large part of me that is struggling with everything that is going on in this world at the moment. I don’t know how to deal with that on a day to day basis but for me being a woman in sport, and using that for some form of a positive outlet seems like a good place to start.

What am I scared of?
Almost everything; Not completing it, hurting myself or losing any love for running.

What about my other goals?
Yep I know, I’m trying to have my cake and eat it too! I am still aiming for the sub 4, the 22 minute 5k, the sub 1:50 half and just about everything else I can think to add to my running dreams list. My bottom line remains that this is all about having fun, and seeing what I’m capable of, that won’t ever change. That doesn’t mean for a second though that I need to set my aims lower, goals should push and drive you and I’d prefer to be aiming high and missing the mark, than accepting where I am as my ‘limit’.

Raising money?
I love running. Having only ever run 3 marathons in my life time and upping that to 12 in 12 is a massive challenge, but I don’t think I should be asking for money to do it, the support I got in raising money for mind last year was exceptional and immense and I could not ask for anything more than that. I personally however will be picking a charity each month for each marathon/ultra that I will be donating the equivalent spend of the race entry, fuel and clothing to. This is a reminder to me to be super grateful for my legs, my body, my mind and what it allows me to do. I’ll list them on the race recap posts as well to give them a bit of air time and if anyone wants to support that cause in my name then that is just added bonus. If you would like to recommend a charity, then please drop me a note!

What’s the plan?
It will all start on Sunday at Dark Star Marathon and will end at Portsmouth Coastal Marathon in December. The plan will see me run in at least 3 different countries (NYC ballot place pending), run my first ultra, and hopefully survive unscathed physically and mentally. My marathons and races become my training runs and the in-between is all about refreshing my legs and recovering from any damage.  There are some unknowns on races as I wait to hear about places or for registration to open so the full plan will be finalised in due course. The current plan is 10 marathons, mixture of road and trail, ranging from 26-28 miles and 2 ultras a 30 and a 38 mile.

What now?
As always I’ll be blogging it, social media-ing it, and basically talking to anyone who will allow me air time about it. Follow it all via #clareruns12in12. I welcome all the spectators, runners, jelly baby donators and general well-wishers to join me on what will be a mammoth journey.

Wish me luck


Marathon Diaries: Sub4 Edition, Week 1

Week one of official training for Brighton kicked off. It’s a little odd training for a marathon in 3 months when I’ve got one in 3 weeks; but Brighton is my A race, the main event! The rest are just for ‘fun’ and the finish, for now.

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Hello 17

I’m always a little wary about writing down what I want to achieve. Some people swear by it as a way to stick to your goals and put it all out there, but then I also worry that maybe it becomes an anchor to which you judge yourself on. If somehow you don’t succeed, I don’t succeed, then I’ve put it in to the public domain, and therefore I’ve failed?

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Farewell 16

I started 2016 unsure if I could complete a marathon, unsure of my future, where I was going and in some ways unsure of myself. I’m ending it knowing the answer to at least one of those questions and realising that it’s ok to not know the answer to the others.

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Mouth to Mouth Marathon – A year in the making

Yesterday I got up early, forced a peanut butter bagel in to my mouth, and downed a coffee as I shot out the front door. It was of course race day!

A race I never intended to run this year until two friends said why not? And I said Hell yeah! Whilst gently sipping a lovely Ale in the pub.

The mouth-to-mouth marathon is one of the 4 races in the river series put on by Sussex Trail Events. I’ve had the pleasure of running in some of their other (shorter) events but never taken on one of their trail marathons, or any trail marathon for that matter! Read More

Friday Feeling

It’s always easy to smash out a positive blog post after having a truly great day, but where I can I try and spread those vibes far and wide, as I know how fleeting they can be especially for me!

Yesterday I had a truly difficult day, the details of which are neither relevant nor interesting. What did happen as a result though was that I crossed off one of my many 2017 goals, yeah in 2016!! I laced up after work with the intention of running hard and fast, and it paid off! I ran my fastest 5k and my fastest 10k and not only that but my 10k time was sub 50!!! I was totally elated and shocked, whilst feeling rather like my lungs were on fire and that I might throw up at any moment (that’s normal right)? I sat back and thought to myself how great progress feels after months of what can only be described as digressing! Read More

Shorts Vol. 1

img_4808I’ve been submerged for what feels like far too long. I think in some sense that’s because I felt I had to understand it, stay put and feel through it! As if without doing this I might not ever know how not to be.

I sat in tears last week as a world voted for what I so strongly disagree with, again! It felt isolating and scary. I felt lost and confused. I wallowed and then I sank. The weight I felt from all areas of life compounded on my shoulders.

Then she spoke and her words have rattled around in my brain. It’s taken a while for them to settle, for me to settle! To see what I always know is there, a way out. A small tiny moment that means nothing but acts as a catalyst. Read More

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