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Oh So Social

Social Media is a tricky beast. I follow some amazingly inspirational people out there, from all walks of life; Runners, Foodies, Fashion bloggers, and I largely follow them with pure admiration, respect and joy. Then there are the times when I wish I was faster, fitter, richer, bolder, and oh yeah a better photographer. We […]

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Kinds of Kind

As an average human I consider myself to be fairly thoughtful and kind. As an average human I also know I have the neurotic tendency to look in and get a little stuck on me and my issues. I flitter between all the generalised habits of the average human and remain rather normal in an […]

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Beggar Belief

On any given day there are thousands of thoughts (more like a million in my head) circulating round our brain. Positive, negative, indifferent, and they are all holding power over us in one way or another. One thing we constantly overlook though is that we have a greater more amazing power within us, the power […]

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