Marathon in a Day

When I first sent that message to my dear friend asking her if she thought I could run a marathon and she came back saying 100% yes, I didn’t believe her. I went through 20 weeks of training with highs and lows and injuries. I found myself on that start line still not believing her. Still wondering, questioning would I? Could I? If im being honest even after I did it it I still didn’t believe i could do it for a good while.That was less than 18 months ago. I’m about to pack my bags and fly to Iceland to run marathon number 10!

And on the simplest level that’s why I started Marathon in a Day. As you have probably seen me plugging it like mad on social media, you’ll know a bit about it by now, but you won’t know why we started it.

A virtual marathon, well who on earth would be crazy enough to do that? Well I would and Kev would and quite frankly almost everyone we spoke to in the lead up to launch would! That’s because on the face of it 26.2 feels incredibly terrifying, but when you break it down and strip out those pesky rules, it becomes a little bit more achieveable in our brains!

I personally wanted to open up the door for people just like me, who think to themselves there is no way I’m capable of  doing that! I was that girl, and trust me if I can then anyone can. Now you ask me if I want to run a race of any distance from 1 mile to 100miles and I will most likely drop what I’m doing and come meet you at the start line.

Running a marathon not only opened up my eyes and my mind to how incredibly strong and capable I was, but it gave me the biggest confidence boost in the world. When I first started training I was scared to show up at a run club, and now I help lead it. When I first started training I would go out wearing all the layers to cover up parts of my body I hated. Now you’ll see me running around town repping the #sportsbrasquad because this body is so powerful, how could I ever be ashamed of it! Running a marathon taught me everything I now know about myself, it gave me the opportunity to escape the demons of my past and rebuild myself in to the strongest version of me, a me I was truly and am truly proud of.

It gave me strength, confidence, belief, resilience, grit and it introduced me to a whole host of the most amazing people I now get to call friends. 

I can honestly say crossing that finish line changed my life in the best way.

I’m not guaranteeing it can or will change yours, but it will give you the opportunity to do something you never thought was possible. That might be running 26.2 miles or it might be grabbing a group of friends and finishing a mile, a 5k, a 10k, a half marathon or anything in between. Whatever that ‘I could never do that’ distance is for you then guess what this is your time to do it. Take breaks, make it fun, and smash your dreams wide open!

And it doesn’t stop there if you’re like me and 26.2 is just something you love/have to do then guess what you still have an ‘I could never do that’ be it run sub 5, sub4, sub 3, heck lets join Nike and even go Sub 2! This is your chance. There are no* rules, you just have to run!

Once you do that thing, that impossible thing that you never ever were capable of doing, then guess what! You realise you’re capable of doing anything, and that’s where the real fun begins…

I’m only one of two behind this idea and these are just my reasons, Kev has his own, and there are a million more to get involved.

Come run with us this September!


*We do have a few very limited rules because of you know, the Law! You can check them out on our website!

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