Friday Feeling

It’s always easy to smash out a positive blog post after having a truly great day, but where I can I try and spread those vibes far and wide, as I know how fleeting they can be especially for me!

Yesterday I had a truly difficult day, the details of which are neither relevant nor interesting. What did happen as a result though was that I crossed off one of my many 2017 goals, yeah in 2016!! I laced up after work with the intention of running hard and fast, and it paid off! I ran my fastest 5k and my fastest 10k and not only that but my 10k time was sub 50!!! I was totally elated and shocked, whilst feeling rather like my lungs were on fire and that I might throw up at any moment (that’s normal right)? I sat back and thought to myself how great progress feels after months of what can only be described as digressing!

I then went out to celebrate thanksgiving with my friends and spent the whole night trying to not fall off my chair from laughing so hard. One of those days when you take something negative and really shape it in to something completely different.

Don’t get me wrong I still have a leaning tower of Pisa style work pile to wade through, a kitchen to fit over the weekend, standby for my real job, my hardest ever marathon to physically and mentally prep for, a foot injury, a whole number of issues relating to money, relationships, fears and feelings.

But whilst it’s Friday and I’m riding this high for one more day (until park run on tired legs kicks my butt tomorrow). I thought I’d throw some positive intentions out there for the weekend, because all of that stuff will still be there on Monday morning; and whilst I’m not suggesting you run away from any of your commitments or problems, I am suggesting that maybe we (I) don’t have to take them so seriously all the time.

My positive intention for the weekend is to Run Happy! I know that’s easy for me to say when I’ve just smashed my time goals and can take the pressure off, but seriously… I love running! Sometimes my desire to be better makes me forget that. Maybe there is something you love to do, or want to do and you’re blocking yourself from it or from really enjoying it? Don’t!

For me running gives me so much happiness and freedom, when my numbers don’t stack up I need to remember that. Knowing so many incredible runners means often I feel like I don’t stack up, but this is my conscious reminder that whether I do or don’t doesn’t really matter! That’s not why I do this! Every mile this weekend is going to be a happy one, which will probably mean leaving my watch at home and getting out in to the beautiful British country side!

Whatever you want to make of your weekend, go forth and don’t stand in your own way, there are plenty of other people who would happily do that for you!


3 Comments on “Friday Feeling”

  1. Hi Clare, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and especially the honesty in your posts! I am a Worthing based sports massage therapist and my blog is about muscles, posture, injuries etc. Since I know how much of an influence the mind has on everything else in life (including the body), I thought it would be great if you could write a guest blog post about it? 🙂 I would really appreciate this, and I would give you a free sports massage in return for your work. I hope that sounds good! Sorry I’m asking you this in a comment, I couldn’t find a way to ask you more privately :/ Thanks! Maggie (

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