Shorts Vol. 1

img_4808I’ve been submerged for what feels like far too long. I think in some sense that’s because I felt I had to understand it, stay put and feel through it! As if without doing this I might not ever know how not to be.

I sat in tears last week as a world voted for what I so strongly disagree with, again! It felt isolating and scary. I felt lost and confused. I wallowed and then I sank. The weight I felt from all areas of life compounded on my shoulders.

Then she spoke and her words have rattled around in my brain. It’s taken a while for them to settle, for me to settle! To see what I always know is there, a way out. A small tiny moment that means nothing but acts as a catalyst.

So today I want to say this very briefly…

You can make the decision at any point in your life to not be where you are. You can chose what kind of influence you want to have, what you want to do, who you want to be,  who you want to inspire and how. You can chose when to stand and fight and when to walk away. There is bravery and strength in both. You are POWERFUL.

It is truly scary to make some of those big leaps whether they’re towards your dreams, into your fears, or more often than not, both! Make that phone call. Take that first step. Sign up. Show up. You are CAPABLE.

The people who matter will always be there holding you up, waving their banners, flying your flag, screaming your name. The people who don’t were never meant to be, let them go. You are VALUABLE!

You DESERVE everything.

Go make it happen!


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