5 Things

cropped-image12.jpgI’ve been struggling with what to write over the past week as life everywhere seems super crazy; locally, nationally, internationally. 

The scale of chaos and hurt being felt by so many is unreal to anything I have ever witnessed. I couldn’t begin to imagine what the solution is, or how we go about turning hate into love. And most of all I really really would never want to diminish from any of these huge issues, or begin for even a second to think there is any simplicity within them.

I do however think we can choose our own narrative, and in doing so positively impact on the small space we inhabit. There are people out there who have the power to change the world, I know some of them, and I follow lots of them. Then there are the rest of us who have the power to impact on the place we are and the people that are in it. Both of these types of people are needed more than ever right now.

Being mindful in our space and approaching situations with forgiveness have to be great starting points. But for today i’m going to focus on finding joy in the small cracks where the sunshine can still stream through, being a positive influence on the people around me, making them feel loved and content, and inspired, and on laughing, a lot! Because I truly believe that all hate breeds is hate, and I have no interest in ever being a part of that.

Here are 5 beautiful reasons to feel great today!  Yours will be totally different than mine, and the beauty in that is instantly we’ve created 10 reasons, 50 reasons, 100 reasons:

  1. Women – I’m surrounded by so many amazing ladies, they are constantly inspiring me; full of strength, integrity and authenticity. They are powerful, loving, giving and beautiful. They are fighting to be heard and taken seriously, and they are winning. They imprint on the lives of so many people; from our littlest folk to our eldest folk and I for one am glad of that! If there was ever a time to be a woman, of which I am one, I feel it has to be now! We’re part of something, and we’re all connected through that.
  1. Running – Well come on it wouldn’t be one of my lists without it! But for reals, I am so totally in awe of how running impacts on the space around me. I can’t imagine not being able to use my legs, not to be able to go out for hours at a time and just keep moving. Running is in my heart and my home and my town! It fills me with joy whenever I see people out doing their thing, and loving it, and owning it! When I’m running I feel like I can make total sense of a mind that is so cripplingly out of control on any given day. It is my freedom. My space.
  1. Sun – Summer has finally arrived in Britain after I can only assume it ran out of money in the Caribbean and had to work for a few extra months to afford the airfare. Despite the obvious vitamin D pros, the sun just makes everything feel lighter and brighter. It makes the outside so accessible for everyone, and being able to enjoy our environment is something we should never ever take for granted.
  1. Music –I’ve been listening to a lot of music the last few days, and I got out of bed and did a little dance this morning (an ingenious way to start the day by the way). I’ve been reminiscing, dreaming of things to come, and feeling inspired, creative and productive. I don’t know of much else in this world that can give you an instant hit like music can. Turn on, turn up and feel an instant boost.
  1. People – As I started with women I think it’s only fair to end with all my people! There are some truly horrible stories being told, individuals doing terrible things, groups being targeted, and whole nations being driven in different directions. But I want us to shout out to all the incredible people we are meeting on a day to day basis! Amazing, inspirational people are all around us, and as a group they far outweigh any other. I’ve met so many people in the last year through running, training, volunteering, work, social media, and blogging. I’m so glad I have, they teach me so much. I truly believe that people come into our lives and us in to theirs for reasons, and that an open dialogue is one of the few things we must never lose! So be engaged and open, you never know who you might meet.

Enjoy today, every day in whichever way you can. My thoughts as always are with those suffering so much hurt right now. There is light at the end of all of this, somewhere, I just have to believe that.


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