When life gives you lemons

This past week has been a little crazy. It’s tested my patience, my belief system, my relationships, my career, my view of the world and worst of all my character.

I think we all know what’s been going on around the globe with hate crimes, politics and general despair, and I don’t really want to go in to any of that. Nor do I want to go in to the detail of what’s been going on with me in my personal and rather self centred space.

The important thing isn’t that I’m feeling like I’ve been in survival mode, with Dory singing along side me ‘just keep swimming’, being tested weekly, daily or what seems like hourly. The important thing is what I do next, how I react…

That’s what I’m working on, focussed on; because I can’t control or change the world or anyone in it. All i can do is work on myself, control my actions, and hope that by doing so I can imprint positively on my surroundings.

So when life gives you lemons…

Keep doing what you do:

When everything feels crazy and like you’re not doing anything right, let alone well, it’s easy to spiral. So I focus on one thing, my thing, and give my self permission to just focus on that. As we all know by now, for me that’s running. I know if I can keep that one thing going then I’m doing alright, and sometimes doing alright has to be enough.

Accept where you are:

A very tricky one for me, is to accept where I am. I truly believe that everyone that comes in to my life and every situation I go through is an assignment, a lesson, a stepping stone, or fate. We’re all here to learn and to teach and to move forward. Sometimes accepting that alone is enough to know that when all is said and done, if I can just stand still through this storm, I will be somewhere and know something new.

Respond with love:

Can we make love our default instead of hate. Oh I hope so. I’m trying so hard to make it something I practice rather than just preach, and I’m not pretending it’s easy for a single second. I truly believe If we can make it less about I, we can see some positive change. Working towards understanding one another, forgiving one another, and moving on. Rather than becoming our own self fulfilling prophecy of hate and hurt.

Know you’re own strength:

You as well as I have a pretty amazing track record at coping with this nonsense. I personally find some power in that. I’m not saying that just coping is a particularly great place to be, but if we can accept for now that’s all we can do! Well then hey I think that’s pretty impressive.

Believe in better, or at least different:

It will get better, and it will probably be different. And different might not feel like better for a while. Eventually though it will settle and the new normal will be your comfort zone. You will take a long deep breath and realise you are now an even stronger, amazing, impeccable human.

Life is hard, and being a person is blummin hard sometimes. So for now, If nothing else, I welcome you to pull up a pew and grab a glass of freshly made lemonade.


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