With May seeing Women’s Health UK launch their #inshapemyshape campaign, it seemed only natural to talk about imperfections. With the campaign set to tackle body shaming, I felt for me it extended much further than this. For me being in shape is physical, mental, financial and maybe even spiritual. It’s about tackling the negative self-talk we allow in to all areas of our lives.

It’s so easy in this world of glossy social media, where everyone is an amateur magazine editor, to think that everyone else out there is living perfectly; A perfect existence, with the perfect body, bank account, mind, and spirit! I sure know I scroll through the lives of beautiful, amazing and inspirational people and at times instead of thinking wow these people are slaying it in life. I focus inward and ask myself why I’m not, or even worse why I never will…

I try to be as honest and open as I can in my internet world and my real world. I do this because I think people need to know that life can be difficult, that we all have ups, downs, doubts, fears and its ok to admit and talk about them. Sure we want to portray our best selves, our best memories, and moments. But we need to make sure this isn’t to the detriment of our true selves, our happiness, or others.

So in the idea of truthfulness here’s what imperfect looks like for me:

I wish I had a flatter stomach and that my love of food and beer would not stand in the way of just one ab.

I wish I was more outgoing, that I could walk in to a room and light it up with sharp wit and a white smile.

I wish my eyes weren’t so droopy.

I wish I was a faster runner; that I could make people go “OMG” at my race times rather than “that’s pretty good”.

I wish I was better at girly things like hair, makeup and nails.

I wish I had old friends from the days of my youth that I could call upon no matter what.

I wish my bank account was full, more often. That it could make all our wildest dreams come true.

I wish my brain never knew depression. That it could respond bright with optimism at every turn.

To name a few…

But here’s the thing about imperfections, if I made them all change today… I wouldn’t be me anymore, I’d be you, or someone else, but certainly not me! And although on some days I wish I was in another body, another mind. When I break that down in to reality I realise how much I would miss.

You see if I was that outgoing, light and care free! Maybe I wouldn’t be the deep thinker, great listener or problem solver that I am. I may lose my level headedness, my calm, and my ability to heal. If I had friends from years gone by, I probably wouldn’t have travelled as much as I have or experienced the world in the way that I did growing up. I might not have the thirst to see, explore and find the secrets of this beautiful land. If I had the abs of a champ, I probably wouldn’t get to enjoy the copious amounts of cheese, beer and cake that I do. I would have lost memories and moments in time that I now cherish. The moments that in fact have sculpted this perfectly imperfect human.

Sure there are things I can work towards, a faster pace, or a better grasp on fashion. But there is also that stuff that is fundamentally me, the things that set me apart from every other girl in the line-up.

In looking at everyone else and saying “why can’t I be that” or “why can’t I do that”, we set our hearts on becoming the best version of someone else rather than the best version of ourselves. It’s great to strive for improvement but we must not lose sight that this needs to be an improved ‘I’.

So for my #inshapemyshape I’ll say this, it’s about being unapologetically me. For every little bit, right down to the blackened toenails (thanks marathon training), makes me who I am; 1000% unique, utterly imperfect, and yet brilliant in so many tiny ways.

Be proud of every imperfect achievement you’re creating in your own skin, it really wouldn’t fit anyone else.


4 Comments on “Imperfect”

  1. A very brave post : ) These are wise words and I hope people take note. It’s a cynical world we live in but hopefully positive attitudes can prevail when it comes to things like this : )

  2. Love you millions Clare! You are perfect to me, you inspire me constantly. Just wish I pulled my finger out and saw you more! Vicci xx

    • Thank you so much Vicci! You are killing it at this running game, I’m so impressed with how good you’re doing in such a short time! Let’s make it happen soon please!

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