Why Now? 

I’ll start on Monday, or the 1st of the month! Next week I’ll make a plan, next month I’ll kick it off, just after this project, or date, or time, or kid!
Sound familiar? It does for me! There is always a better time than right now, right?

Well turns out there really isn’t. Procrastination abounds! We can trick ourselves by promising that when we just hit these dates, deadlines or criteria we will be free to work on us. The problem is, as we all know, when you cross something off your list you immediately add a line or two with something just as crucial!

We live in an age where no matter how hard we try, we leave ourselves till last, and then blame everyone and everything else for our position.

Real talk y’all!

Everything that is going on in your life right now good and bad has one thing in common, and that’s you!

I know this isn’t sounding particularly comforting, but the good thing is today is the day that you can take responsibility for you! You can start now and change everything!

(The part we all love where guilt free we get to be totally selfish, well kinda)

I’m not talking about drastic, sell your house and go to Vegas changes (unless of course that will lead you to eternal happiness). I’m talking about the really boring, tiny, small changes that you can turn in to habits! Habits that stick with you for a lifetime, and lead you somewhere magical!

The problem with tiny boring change is, we don’t get instant gratification! We instead condemn these tiny changes, shifts in focus, as a waste of time and go back into our comfort zone of blah!

The un shattering truth here is that the little life changes take time to turn into little life habits, which then take time to nurture in to larger habits, and take even more time to turn into a big recognisable life altering magic! (I never said it was going to be fast)

Example time – putting £10 away a week for a year, tiny change, to habit, which turns in to a dream holiday, or in to a continuous rollover which turns into whatever you want! Or ever tried to loose weight and see no real difference! You’re cursing your tiny change regime, and then your aunt sees you for the first time in 6 months and is AMAZED! Yeah that!

So what are the small changes, what are the big changes, what are the habits, the end goals? Well my friends that is down to you. Ask yourself what it is that you want, nurture it, and give it a chance to grow into something beautiful!

Starting your own business?
Why not set aside an hour a day now to business plan. It might take 10 years to come to fruition, but hey we’ve got time on our side, because we’re starting right now!!

Healthy body?
No one anywhere has a healthy body if they eat appallingly and are sedentary all day! By making those small changes now and turning healthy food and activity choices into habits; You will see big change in time, and hey if we start right now, we’ve got time!

Why not start a practice of:

– Gratitude

– Meditation

-Random acts of kindness

-Being present



-Changing your inner voice

Do any of these for 1 day and no nothing will probably change, do them for 100 days or even a 1000 days, and those little shifts have turned into habits, which will now change your whole world.

So we agree that change takes time, and we will never have any more time than we do at this very moment, yes?

Then I really can’t see any better time to start [fill in the blank] than right now!

Go • Dream • Seek • Be


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