Denbies 10 Mile

So today I took part in my first ever 10 mile race, The Denbies 10. The event was put on by events to live, and was sold as “a  lovely scenic trail run exploring the North Downs Way and Ranmore Common with stunning views of Box Hill, Ranmore and the North Downs.”

I got the opportunity to race as my lovely friend Shelley had a space going, and i’m so glad I took it. The race kicked off from the Denbies Wine Estate situated in the heart of the Surrey Hills.

The conditions were not great, snow, thick mud and ice to name a few. We also had to climb over and around a few fallen trees/fences. Seriously though none of that mattered because it was beautifully challenging in all the right ways.

The course was really breathtaking; the snow made the route picture perfect, and confirmed my thoughts that nothing can beat running outside off-road.

I’m not going to lie, the cold definitely kept my legs a little stiff at first, but I soon found my stride.

I felt strong on my way round but had a slow and steady cautious approach due to the rather slippery conditions and my upcoming marathon. I saw at least 3 people fall and I was certain I wouldn’t be one of them.

I kept a solid pace and finished with a time of 1:43. I came 43rd out of the 98 women taking part and 166th over all. Although I know in different conditions I could have pushed a lot harder, I was really pleased with this.

I feel super proud tonight as I sit here sipping my red wine from the denbies vineyard (so tasty). It truly was the best start to my marathon racing countdown. Next stop Worthing Half Marathon…

If you’d like to sponsor my journey please visit:

Official Photo credit has to go to Sussex Sport Photography and unofficial photo cred goes to my awesome sister who stood in the cold and cheered me on! 


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