Personal Training


Personal Training is a luxury for sure, and for the last few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to indulge myself. This is all thanks to my birthday, Christmas, and a little overtime at work.

Personal Training may not be for everyone and there is so much you can do on your own, but for me it’s been awesome. I’ve loved learning what my body needs, pushing myself outside my comfort zone and having someone there who has the immense knowledge to navigate the minefield of fitness do’s and don’ts, nutrition and health.

I love walking into the gym  knowing my body will be the only focus for the next 60 minutes. Marathon Training takes up a lot of my time and I struggle with that enough; just coming up with my routes, nutrition and hydration for my runs. Knowing that the strength training part of my work out is sorted and I don’t have to sift through training plans, I don’t really have to engage my brain, or come up with the regime, gives me a much needed day off a week.

It’s added bonus is giving me the confidence to know what I’m doing in the gym, and what level I should be working at and increasing at. So that when my time with this luxury runs out I can continue with a routine that is sustainable, challenging and varied.

So here’s run through of some of the circuits I do with Sophie, my PT:

5-10 minute warm up cross trainer

30 seconds each exercise, 3 circuits:
Kettlebell Swings
Kettlebell Squats and upright row
Kettlebell squat jumps
Kettlebell forward lunge


30 seconds each exercise, 3 circuits:
Kettlebell push-up
Plank Row
Plank Row and Twist
Single Arm Snatch



12 x 3 sets:
Plank Roll Out
Side Plank Hip drops
Plank Knee Drops


12 x 3 sets:
Stability Ball – drop and catch
Stability Ball – Pass Over
Stability Ball – Plank Roll Out


Stretch and Foam Roll.

Average heart rate around 130bpm peaking around 170bpm.

If you have specific training, weight loss, or general health and fitness goals it may be worth considering a personal trainer as part of your routine. Lots of gyms will give a free introductory sessions to see if it is your thing or not. The strength training I do with sophie has already made a really positive impact on my running, as well as making me feel physically stronger than I ever have before.





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