Beating the Winter Blues


This is a seriously hectic time of year; it doesn’t really matter which way I try to slice the time, someone or something ends up missing out. It’s more than that though I end up feeling like I don’t give any of the things I need to do enough time. I sit here writing this with a pile of unwrapped presents staring me down! Pressure building!

Between Christmas parties, social commitments, money pressures, house pressures, work pressures, oh yeah and marathon training.

It leaves me with this nasty feeling that in trying to do everything I’m not actually doing anything well at all.  After 12 months of keeping it all together it’s not unusual that around this time it starts to feel like the threads that hold me together are a little frayed. A hectic scheduled and a hectic, mind lead to a rather muddled human – that’s me!

So what can we do to survive the rushed grey wet days and the packed long dark nights?


In this season of giving, we can often be left feeling empty. Whether it’s giving our time, energy, commitment, gifts, friendship, love or even tolerance; it all needs to be replenished. Don’t put what you need on the backburner; it only makes you less able to respond to the stressors of this season. Schedule your own nourishment, whether that’s through meditation, yoga, relaxation or even massage.


Last week I had 3 Christmas dos in 3 days, indulgence was definitely the name of the game. There is nothing wrong with that and I loved seeing friends old and new, however doing the same this week is not on the agenda.
Instead this week I need to focus on my miles as we approach the 16 week countdown to Brighton, I need to focus on making time for my family and as above making time for myself to calm things down. Life is a careful balance of toing and froing, listening to what you need and addressing that balance keeps our hearts happy.


Although practicing gratitude all year is super important, at this time of year it is especially so. Don’t let your gratitude slip when you’re surrounded by all the expectations that Christmas brings. This has been a tough year out there in the world and my heart aches when I read the news. There are so many things as individuals we need to be thankful for. My list may look completely different than yours, but just switching that focus to thankfulness for all that has got us to this point both good and bad is an acknowledgment of our own storiess and the respect we have for them. This is a great way to dump some of the 12 months worth of baggage (sadness, judgment, resentment, regret, fear, shame or bitterness) and can have us entering the New Year a little lighter, brighter and more grateful for where you stand right now and how you got there.

And lastly breathe…

For me, it may need to be a long deep breath.

Merry Christmas



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