The Gift 

Once upon a time someone said to me if you’re trying to be a nice person, then you’re not a nice person. Being nice means you don’t have to try. I get the idea but I really didn’t and still don’t agree. This comment actually really hurt my feelings at the time. I like to think I’m nice inherently, but like everything I try my best at it, and I want to be nice.

How many times have you said something genuinely nice to someone today?

What kind of things would make you feel good today?

These are questions I actually ask myself. I do this because I want to be intune with this side of me, I want to be intentional.

Whilst out running today I got given a really weird compliment. I was told that I looked like a sweaty Audrey Hepburn! It was a really funny moment with two fabulous dog walkers I had never met, and probably would never meet again.

What it did though was allowed strangers to become friends momentarily, allowed individuals to joke and feel positive.

How many times on a daily basis can we give individuals this gift? This opportunity to feel connected to us?

My call today is to drop our egos, to let down our guard!

In this season of giving let’s just embrace it; give friendship, kindness, joy in all the smallest and simplest ways.

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously.


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