November Project

I love a new month that starts at the beginning of a week (well almost)! It feels like it allows a natural break in time.

It breaks up the fact that days, months and years tend to bleed together into some kind of blur, but seriously how is it November.

It’s really important, as time flies by like this, to make sure we are engaging consciously with that time and not just going through the motions (Wake up, Eat, Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat)…

So let’s take this pause, this natural break in time, to be intentional if nothing else.

Here’s my November Project (me)…


3 Comments on “November Project”

    • Hi Madeline, thanks so much. I have recently started a book club and hope to get some of the reviews up here soon! It’s been a great way to expand my horizons on different genres and styles!

      I’m working on a few bits such as meditation practice, practicing gratefulness, focussing on the now through yoga, and generally widening my spiritual learning and practices.

      Again I’m hoping to write about this all in the future as I play with trial and error; figuring out what works for me.

      Do you have any specific ways you do this? What are you working towards this year/month/day?

      Thanks again for reading.


      • Hi Clare, I have also done the same. I like Tara Brach for guided meditation, the HeadSpace App for breathing meditation – both have helped me become much calmer and observe my behavior when I am not meditating. I love the idea of a book club. I find a lot of great books via and via Brian Johnson’s Philosopher Notes on YouTube. Also, if you listen to podcasts I recommend The Unmistakable Creative – I listen every morning while exercise. Stay inspired! Great to connect.

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