28 Things I Learned by 28

As kids we spend time wishing away our years, dreaming of being a teen, then a sweet 16, 18 and finally a real adult at 21.

We’re told how time flies and we don’t really believe it as we wait for the next milestone. But as the years fly by and I near 30 I want to hit the pause button more and more.

Today as I gracefully welcome 28 in to my life and pray that it doesn’t flash past in an instant. I thought I’d share with you what I’ve worked out thus far.

I’m no wise oracle or life coach, but I’ve learned a few things in my own journey that may be of interest to you and yours…

1. Do what makes you happy.
As long as it’s not going to really hurt anyone else or end you up in some sort of real trouble e.g. Jail. Then life is really just too short. Time is flying by and there are always 100 reasons not to do something. Ignore those reasons and do it. Explore, enjoy, laugh, smile and be content.

2. The only constant is change
It doesn’t matter how many plans you make, or where you think you ought to be. Change is inevitable, getting on board with it is just about the smartest thing you can do.

3. Adaptability is everything
This follows on nicely (almost as if I planned it). In a constant state of change, new, and adventure; you just have to be adaptable. It is probably the most important skill you can acquire. Once you have it protect it with everything you have and embrace it wholeheartedly.

4. The harder you work, the “luckier” you get
You create your own luck, work hard and stay humble.

5. Love your whole self; Mind and Body
Creating a healthy relationship with ‘you’ is one of the most important parts of ‘growing up’. If you don’t know how to enjoy your own company, you can never be ready for a relationship. You are powerful, so unbelievably powerful and beautiful so unbelievably beautiful. If you can’t feel happy in your own skin then you probably can’t feel happy anywhere else.

6. Let go freely
Letting go is extremely healthy but it can be inexcusably hard. It’s a necessity for your growth, and it will only make you stronger.

7. Laugh a-lot 
You can choose to be unhappy, or you can find humour everywhere. Laugh it off. Enjoy yourself.

8. Travel all the damn time!
Discover this amazing world. Find your travel buddy and go exploring. Mine is my husband and exploring with him makes me the happiest I can be. There is so much world out there, so much culture, so much to see. Go See it!

9. Love a-lot
Family is important, friends are important relationships in general are important. No matter what your relationships are make sure the people in them know that they are loved… A-lot! When they are gone it sucks that you can’t tell them that!

10. it’s not hard to be kind
Give up your seat, help someone across the road, and say your P’s and T’s. There are tons of simple ways to show kindness to the people around you. Try and be a little kinder today than you were yesterday, and so on, and so forth.

11. You’re never going to be able to make everyone happy
You can only ever continue to do one thing and that’s to be yourself. You can try and try to please everyone but in the end you just need to be honest, open to new experiences, and true to what you want. Worrying is inevitable but if at all possible try and switch off the button of what others think of you. Do your own integrity thing, and others will do theirs. No two will be the same, and isn’t that awesomely individual.

12. Beauty is on the inside
We all know truly stunningly externally beautiful people. And we all know truly stunningly internally beautiful people and then we all know the people who embody both, (annoying!). The thing is it’s really not difficult to be a good nice person. And the nicer and gentler you are on the inside makes you more beautiful to everyone else on the outside. It sounds a bit cliché but it is true.

13. Say yes, more!
See friends, travel, take that job. Whatever it happens to be try and not limit yourself. There are so many other external limiting factors that we have no control over, don’t be one of them!

14. But NO is OK
This can be a tricky one, and has taken me a while to get comfortable with but it’s OK to say no. Listen to yourself and if you’re not comfortable with something or someone or an idea or whatever then you can say no and walk away. You are not a bad person for doing what feels right and listening to your instincts.

15. Read books
Get lost in words and stories, explore new ideas and genres, and learn. Owning books is great – they are pretty and smell nice!

16. Find an exercise you love
I love running and yoga, I want to do them. They make me strong and flexible, calm and focussed. Your health both physically and mentally is super important. Make sure you have fun doing it

17. Routine doesn’t have to be boring
I’m married and a homeowner with a steady job. My life is not boring. It’s thrilling in fact; full of adventure, excitement, love, joy and intrigue. Whatever your life is you can make it as exciting or as boring as you want.

18. Being an adult doesn’t mean stopping being a kid
Don’t get confused between adulthood and boringhood. Yeah ok we all have to make some sensible decisions and try and stay out of our overdrafts. But for real, play and be silly and build a sand castle on the beach! Don’t take yourself so seriously.

19. Get outside at least once a day 
Sun, rain, snow? It doesn’t really matter get out and walk, run or potter in the garden. Being outside is amazing and there is so much exploring to be done in the small radius of your current abode.

20. Would you like to see the dessert menu?
Yes please is the only answer…

21. There is no guarantee that life is ever going to get better… 
You’ll have extreme highs, and extreme lows. Learning to appreciate the now, being content with where you are, and finding joy in the small things will make it all worth it!

22. Forgive often. 
We are all completely imperfect. Remember that and practice forgiveness.

23. Don’t change your favourite bands, or movies, or anything for that matter to be cool or for anyone else you think is cooler than you… 
Define your own cool mine includes Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Rom-Coms, board games, country pubs, real ales, power ballads, rock N roll and a whole other eclectic mix of weird.

24. Be your own cheerleader
No matter how small or big your achievements remember to be your own cheerleader. Be proud! You are doing great and you can’t always depend on someone else to praise you.

25. Silence is a virtue
You don’t have to shout to be seen or heard. Actions speak louder than words and all that jazz. Seriously though show more of what you are about in order to build your integrity. Being a good listener and being someone who thinks before speaking are probably two of the nicest things i’ve ever heard about myself.

26. Eat all the pizza

27. Own a cat
People will judge you for your instagram feed becoming full of cat pictures but that’s ok because they are cute and fluffy and cuddly and well I love them.

28. Life is crazy. Beautiful!
It’s stunningly confusing, completely unpredictable, weirdly wonderful and unforgettably unique. You will meet some incredible people and see things you never could imagine. You will be full of dreams and wonder and when that falls down or you fail, you will pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start all over again. There will be no perfect only complete beauty in all the imperfect things that happen. Every negative will show you a positive and every person will come with a lesson. Your heart will be broken and mended. And you will grow and change and evolve! Never regret, every step has got you here which is exactly where you need to be right now.

Go on, let’s have a dance party!


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