Viva España

If I’m being honest Spain is one of the places that has interested me the least in a way. It conjures up visions of lads, lasses, 18-30’s, drinking, and club culture (not that there is anything wrong with that, if that’s your cup of tea). Stereotyping a whole country based on a few small places is not one of my proudest moments I admit!

Last week we hopped on a plane and took a few days exploring in Andalucía, which although has its fair share of tourist heavy resorts, held many more surprises inland.

We stayed in a small village called Montejaque, set in the beautiful scenery of wall to wall mountains. It was a little gem that came courtesy of my husband’s bosses. They own a rustic and traditional 2 bedroom property, just off the main square. It worked as a perfect spot for exploring the nearby sites!

The village was simple and traditional; with a handful of bars, restaurants hotels, and holiday homes dotted around the very narrow streets. Top tip: Get the smallest car possible if you want to successfully navigate the tiny side roads.

We spent the days visiting local towns and villages which did not disappoint. I loved wandering around the local streets absorbing the views, trying to soak up the culture/sun, and even attempting the language.

The drives to and from were equally spectacular, if not a little hair-raising. Tiny winding roads meandered through the mountain ranges; landslides to your left and rickety railings to the right…

If its history, views, art, food, photography and walking that you’re after then this region is well worth a visit.

I would put visiting the old medieval fort in the small but steep mountain top town of Zahara as my top pick! The views over the lake were just perfect!

Spain totally surprised me, reinforcing that I should never really pass judgment…

Here are my best bits:



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