The Finish Line


As my world is consumed with thoughts of the BIG finishing line yet to come, I’m taking a moment to look back at a couple of my recent finishes.

Races can be so fun! I don’t really like to look at them as races though, as quite frankly I don’t have a competitive streak; I look at them as experiences. And I’m really enjoying the experiences and advancements in my running at the moment.

The 1st finish this year was the Nike women’s 10k. It was a truly awesome event to take part in. Despite the lack of celeb sightings that were promised to me before the event, it was still a great day. 3 friends and I took part, all running for and aiming for different reasons and times!


It’s billed as a bit of a hipster race, but I didn’t get too much of that vibe. It was more a really safe, friendly and motivational environment. It would be a great first 10k for any ladies (or man) out there. It didn’t take itself too seriously with signs round the course telling you “to run with swag”, Ok maybe it was a bit hipster.

We had fun, we all finished and crossing that line gave us an amazing yet totally unique feeling. The finish means something different to everyone and that’s where the beauty lies. 10,000 people crossing a line, feeling 10,000 utterly unique but great emotions!

After these unique experiences we all had the same idea, free glass of champagne time, and sit in the sun!IMG_4700

The 2nd finish this year was my yearly entry into Race for Life. I do it every year because if I can even raise £1 towards curing cancer then that’s a positive thing, and because I know too many people young and old who have lost and are losing people as we speak. This year we decided to partake in the pretty muddy obstacle course version of their classic 5k.

We loved it!! Ok that’s a lie first we HATED it, and then we changed our minds. Ran with my sister in law and her running buddy our first corner bought us to what can only be describe as the world’s biggest hill. Ok maybe it was nothing to you trail runners out there but to us ladies who have been running on the flattest of seaside promenades, this felt huge! Did I mention it was about a million degrees outside as well! And we had no water…

You can see why we were a little aggrieved to start things off. Quickly though we got into our stride and the obstacles came thick and fast. We were having a great time, climbing over, under, around and through the mud! Finishing things off coming down a massive slide into a pool of mud, before running to the finish coated in the stuff.


We had no idea what time we wanted to achieve, but came in at 38 minutes! That time, bearing in mind the 10 muddy obstacles we had to manoeuvre, gave us all a reason to be super proud.

Please don’t remind me that hill running is going to be a massive part of my marathon training…

The memory of the dreaded hill faded and we all agreed to come back next year.


It really doesn’t matter if you’re in it for a win, a PB or just to cross the line; the feeling you get at the end is all for you, about you and will stay with you. Willing you on to do something crazy like sign up for a marathon… Sigh!



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