Windy Weekend Paddle

So for my sister’s 30th birthday I hooked us up with some Paddle Board lessons at our local water sports centre, Baker Academy.


We’d never attempted anything like it before. I have a kayak at home (used twice last year, *hangs head in shame*)! But that’s about as close as I get to water sports, oh and swimming, does that count?

True to British summer time form the week leading up to our lesson was the hottest on record, but then the day came and it was cold, windy and raining. Welcome to July everyone!

I made the embarrassing call to ask if it was still ok to paddle board. To which I was met with a bit of shock but a friendly response where the nice chap informed me that “we only don’t go out in the sea if it is lightning” and “Yep open 365 days a year”, Gulp!

So we dragged our novice water sport butts out into the British sea and had a paddle. They provided everything we needed including wetsuits, shoes, boards and as the name suggests, a paddle!


Our Baker Academy instructor, Lauren, was amazing! She coached a group of wobbly legged women through the basics of the sport before sending us on our merry way to explore the seas.

I wish I could say that I stood up, paddled round the pier and am now looking for a second hand board on Ebay!

Alas I am not, but there is still hope. The sea was incredibly choppy, and for us ladies standing up lasted for all of 7seconds to a minute. Then a wave would come and interrupt our serene balance! Not quite the goddess of the sea vibe we had imagined!

Due to the choppiness we were given the option to return to dry land, and come back on a flatter day.

The dream of Performing Yoga on the board in the British ocean stays alive people!

You never know it might just happen…


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