Marathon Diaries – 1


So it is Official – I’ve put it out there on social media, told my family, friends and well whoever asks the question, “Hey, What’s new with you?”

I am running the Brighton Marathon on 17th April 2016.

I’ve never run a marathon before; to be honest I’ve never run very far at all!

I love running and it is a great important part of my life, but I’ve never considered it possible to be able to run for 26.2 miles. It was/is a pipe dream that over the next weeks and months will turn into my reality and I’m utterly petrified!

There are 40 weeks to go and yet my proper training will not start until the scary 20 week countdown. I thought I’d start up a little something on the blog to capture my journey, transformation, fear and experiences…

Welcome to week one of marathon diaries…

I signed up and there’s 278 days to go, this felt like plenty of time for training! I felt elated, thrilled, proud and excited. This lasted for all of 26.2 minutes! When suddenly the dread and oh my gosh what an earth have I done kicked in. Followed by frantically searching Google for wisdom, once again tricking my brain into thinking this was actually a possibly good idea! The mind is a meany that’s for sure. Google on the other hand helped and hindered my positivity all at the same time!

I was confused, scared, excited, nervous, and all the other emotions.

I decided to take control and focus by starting a fundraising page. It felt good to remember why I’d decided to hit register instead of hiding under my bed. You can find out why I registered, view my fundraising page (and donate…?) here

I’m still trying to build up the courage to go to my local running club. Solo running is a bit of a love of mine and so I’m not sure if a club is a good idea or not. As I move closer however towards the rainy miserableness of January and long, long, LONG Runs! My need for companionship will grow and I’m not so sure my family will be so up for supporting me then!

I finished off the week with the purchase of a foam roller, I’m not really sure what it does but every running blog, forum and trainer says you need one. So I’ve got one coming through the post, and it is orange….

Yours sincerely

Petrified, slow, armature runner, but runner none the less!

Follow me via #clarerunsbrighton on all respectable social media outlets…

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