Nike Women’s 10k London


Following on from the amazing stories of 2014s Nikes women only Race Series ’We Own the Night’, I could not wait to get involved in whatever was going to happen this year!

All though it has a far less catchy name, this year’s event is not set to disappoint. The festival-style event will take place on Sunday, 21 June in Victoria Park, London. With promise of music, lights, tunnels, and apparently the unexpected! I’m pretty excited.

So anyway the idea behind this from Nike is that women should get together, bond together and run together in their ‘crews’ (not my personal word choice, but hey), and I’ve corralled 3 so far to join my crew. My sister Emma, good friend Lauren, and Caroline my elementary school best friend from America (who I haven’t seen in over 15 years!) will be running together as part of the These Girls Can Crew.

We are all starting and training in our different ways and for different reasons, and I have to say having a new push and reason to run is feeling really good!

We’ve talked before about how important running is for me so I won’t bore you with that again today.

But I will say this, moving is a massive part of your personal wellbeing and the more movement you can bring in to your day, the better you will begin to feel. Despite the obvious benefits of helping you control your weight and thus avoid some pretty nasty health conditions, any form of regular activity can do so much more… From boosting your mood and energy to improving your sleep and sex life! There really is no time like the present to get involved in something.

That’s the beauty about movement it is never too late and it can be so much fun. I know for me after a stressful day in the office some of my gym classes make me super happy.

So get out there today and add a little more movement to your regime. Find whatever works for you, maybe sign up for a class, activity or even a race!


By the way did I mention post race bling is being designed by jewellery designer Alex Munroe, and we’ll be running with celebs from all genres including the pretty inspiring Ellie Goulding.

There is still plenty of time to sign up and hit the streets. If you want a crew and don’t have one we’ll happily welcome you into ours.

Registration is open now
Race Mantra: #WeRunLondon


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