Tuscan Travels

Italy hangs out at the top of my list of places I just love to go. We got engaged mid flight to Venice and I’ve had lovely explorations in Rome as well as some of the other major cities in Italy.I have to say I love it every time.

Last week we decided to book a last minute deal (I mean super last minute) and headed off to the Tuscany.

We flew in to Pisa and drove about 45 minutes south east to a small town called Montaione. Like most places in Tuscany it is a beautiful hilltop town with medieval walls and views to die for. We were in awe as we drove up to our hotel.

We were naively thinking the views from our little home for the week must be the best, they were seriously breath taking.

Oh but how wrong we were! As we started to travel around we were awestruck and our conversations went something like oh ok Sienna you have the best view, no wait San Gimgnano you have the best views, no wait Florence you have the best views…. No we were wrong all along it is Volterra!

The Tuscan views are ones you could never get bored of. The sunsets alone will melt your heart in a matter of minutes, and driving around all you can think is it can’t get any better than this. Then it does!

Tuscany screams out beauty and history at every turn, the medieval streets intertwining between churches, bell towers, gelaterias, pizzerias and plant adorned homes make it another Italy win in my book.

The food is great, the wine is great, the history is great, the views are great and none of that is an understatement.

My top tips for tuscan travels:

  1. Get a car and drive around. Florence is incredible and a must see but there is so much more to Tuscany than its big named cities!
  2. Once you get that car go to Volterra. Our guidebooks made it sound a little dull if I’m honest but I’m glad we followed our hearts and went. It really is a must see, the drive alone is simply breathtaking.
  3. Order the house wine wherever you go, it will save you some pennies but is a real treat, incredible tastes and much better than I’m used to at least!

The pictures really don’t do this place justice but here are a few to get your brain wandering off on your own ‘under the Tuscan sun’ adventure…

image13 image1 image2 image3 image4 image6c-x

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